2010. december 22., szerda

Fs. Kuniholm

Valamiért közvetlenül a megjelenésekor nem jutott el hozzám, de most pótolom, mert elképesztően izgalmas kötetről van szó, elég ha annyit mondok, hogy az anatóliai - égei dendrokronológia atyjának Festschriftjéről, Théra-melléklettel :-)

Sturt W. Manning - Mary Jaye Bruce (eds.): Tree-Rings, Kings and Old World Archaeology and Environment. Papers Presented to Peter Ian Kuniholm. Oxford, 2009

A tartalomból:

One Hundred Years of Dendroarchaeology: Dating, Human Behavior, and Past Climate (Jeffrey S. Dean)

Is there a Separate Tree-ring Pattern for Mediterranean Oak? (Tomasz Wazny)

Dendroclimatology in the Near East and Eastern Mediterranean Region (Ramzi Touchan and Malcolm K. Hughes)

A 924-year Regional Oak Tree-ring Chronology for North Central Turkey (Carol B. Griggs et al.)

Could Absolutely Dated Tree-ring Chemistry Provide a Means to Dating the Major Volcanic Eruptions of the Holocene? (Charlotte L. Pearson and Sturt W. Manning)

Dendrochemistry of Pinus sylvestris Trees from a Turkish Forest (D. K. Hauck and K. Unlu)

Neutron Activation Analysis of Dendrochronologically Dated Trees (K. Unlu et al.)

Third Millennium BC Aegean Chronology: Old and New Data from the Perspective of the Third Millennium AD (Ourania Kouka)

Absolute Age of the Uluburun Shipwreck: A Key Late Bronze Age Time-Capsule for the East Mediterranean (Sturt W. Manning et al.)

Central Lydia Archaeological Survey: Documenting the Prehistoric through Iron Age periods (Christina Luke and Christopher H. Roosevelt)

The Chronology of Phrygian Gordion (Mary M. Voigt)

The End of Chronology: New Directions in the Archaeology of the Central Anatolian Iron Age (Geoffrey D. Summers)

The Rise and Fall of the Hittite Empire in the Light of Dendroarchaeological Research (Andreas Müller-Karpe)

Aegean Absolute Chronology: Where did it go wrong? (Christos Doumas)

The Thera Debate
Cold Fusion: The Uneasy Alliance of History and Science (Malcolm H. Wiener)

Santorini Eruption Radiocarbon Dated to 1627-1600 BC: Further Discussion (Walter L. Friedrich et al.)

Dating the Santorini/Thera Eruption by Radiocarbon: Further Discussion (AD 2006-2007) (Sturt W. Manning et al.)

Thera Discussion (Malcolm H. Wiener, Walter L. Friedrich, and Sturt W. Manning)

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