2010. december 29., szerda

Ancient West & East 9 (2010)

A tartalomból:

F. C. Woudhuizen: The Recently Discovered Luwian Hieroglyphic Inscription from Tell Ahmar

F. Mileto: On the Estimation of the Volumes of Some Urartian Pithoi

M. Manoledakis: Choirades, Kerasous, Pharnakeia. Observations on Three Ancient Place-Names in the Southern Black Sea

P. M. Edwell: The Sources for Rome's Wars with Shapur I. Eurocentric and Eastern Perspectives

S. M. Burstein: New Light on the Fate of Greek in Ancient Central and South Asia

M. Decker: Settlement and Trade in the Red Sea in Late Antiquity. An Archaeological Perspective

M. Wissa: Sur quelques pratiques de remploi du marbre et du calcaire en Égypte. Incursion au monastere copte de saint Jérémie a Saqqara

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