2010. április 26., hétfő

Könyv: Adalékok a Sötét Korhoz

Fabrizio Venturi (szerk.): Societies in Transition. Evolutionary Processes in the Northern Levant between Late Bronze Age II and Early Iron Age. Papers presented on the occasion of the XX anniversary of the new excavation in Tell AfisBologna, 15th november 2007. Studi e Testi Orientali 9. Bologna, 2010.

A tartalomból:
Fabrizio Venturi: Cultural Breakdown or Evolution? The Impact of Changes in 12th Century BC Tell Afis.
Klaas Vansteenhuysen: The Bronze to Iron Age Transition at Tell Tweini (Syria)
Tatiana Pedrazzi: Globalization Versus Regionalism: LB II/Iron I Transition in Coastal Syria from the Storage Jars Point of View
Marie Henriette Gates: Potters and Consumers in Cilicia and the Amuq during the “Age of Transformations” (13th-10th Centuries BC).
Timothy P. Harrison: The Late Bronze/Early Iron Age Transition in the North Orontes Valley

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