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The World of Berossos

The World of Berossos
Proceedings of the 4th International Colloquium on "The Ancient Near East between Classical and Ancient Oriental Traditions", Hatfield College, Durham 7th-9th July 2010
Ed. by Haubold, Johannes; Lanfranchi, Giovanni B.; Rollinger, Robert; Steele, John
Classica et Orientalia 5. Wiesbaden, 2013

1. Overview

Johannes Haubold: The World of Berossos: Introduction

Geert De Breucker: Berossos: His Life and His Work

2. Reading the Babyloniaca

Johannes Haubold: ‘The Wisdom of the Chaldaeans’: Reading Berossos, Babyloniaca Book 1

Martin Lang: Book Two: Mesopotamian Early History and the Flood Story

Giovanni B. Lanfranchi: Babyloniaca, Book 3: Assyrians, Babylonians and Persians

John Dillery: Berossos’ Narrative of Nabopolassar and  Nebuchadnezzar II from Josephus

3. Society, Religion and Culture

Tom Boiy: Babylon during Berossos’ Lifetime

John M. Steele: The ‘Astronomical Fragments’ of Berossos in Context

Bruno Jacobs: Berossos and Persian Religion

Robert Rollinger: Berossos and the Monuments: City Walls, Sanctuaries, Palaces and the Hanging Garden

4. Literary Contexts

Stephanie Dalley: First Millennium BC Variation in Gilgamesh, Atrahasis, the Flood Story and the Epic of Creation: What was Available to Berossos?

Christopher Tuplin: Berossos and Greek Historiography

Paul Kosmin: Seleucid Ethnography and Indigenous Kingship: The Babylonian Education of Antiochus I

Ian Moyer: Berossos and Manetho

5. Transmission, Reception, Reconstruction

Francesca Schironi: The Early Reception of Berossos

Irene Madreiter: From Berossos to Eusebius – A Christian Apologist’s Shaping of ‘Pagan’ Literature

Walter Stephens: From Berossos to Berosus Chaldaeus: The Forgeries of Annius of Viterbo and Their Fortune

Kai Ruffing: Berossos in Modern Scholarship

Birgit Gufler/Irene Madreiter: Berossos – A Bibliography

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