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Breaking news: Across the Border: Late Bronze - Iron Age Relations between Syria and Anatolia

K. A. Yener (ed.): Across the Border: Late Bronze-Iron Age Relations between Syria and Anatolia. Proceedings of a Symposium held at the Research Center of Anatolian Studies, Koç University, Istanbul, May 31 - June 1, 2010. Ancient Near Eastern Studies Supplement Series 42. Leuven

A tartalom:

Introduction: Imperial Demise and Forging Emergent Kingdoms (K. A. Yener)

SECTION A: Excavations in Levantine Turkey and Levantine Syria

New Excavations at Alalakh: The 14th–12th Centuries BC (K. A. Yener)

The Late Bronze Age Fortresses at Alalakh: Architecture and Identity in  Mediterranean Exchange Systems (M. Akar)

Tayinat in the Early Iron Age (T. P. Harrison)

Chatal Höyük in the Amuq: Material Culture and Architecture during the  Passage from the Late Bronze Age to the Early Iron Age (M. Pucci)

The Crisis of Qatna at the Beginning of the Late Bronze Age II and the Iron  Age II Settlement Revival. A Regional Trajectory towards the Collapse of the  Late Bronze Age Palace System in the Northern Levant (D. Morandi Bonacossi)

Shedding New Light on the Elusive Late Bronze and Early Iron Ages at Tell  ‘Acharneh (Syria) (M. Fortin - L. Cooper)

Sabuniye: A Late Bronze-Iron Age Port Settlement on the Northeastern Mediterranean Coast (H. Pamir)

A Re-evaluation of the Late Bronze to Early Iron Age Transitional Period: Stratigraphic Sequence and Plain Ware of Tarsus-Gözlükule (S. Yalçın)

Exploring Sirkeli Höyük in the Late Bronze Age and its Interregional Connections (E. Kozal)

The Transition from the Late Bronze Age to the Early Iron Age at Tell Afis, Syria (phases VII-III) (F. Venturi)

SECTION B: Excavations in Eastern Turkey and Eastern Syria

Across Assyria’s Northern Frontier: Tell Fekheriye at the End of the Late Bronze Age (P. V. Bartl - D. Bonatz)

Between the Musku and the Aramaeans: The Early History of Guzana/Tell Halaf (M. Novák)

Some Implications of Revised C14 and Dendrochronological Dating for the  “Late Bronze Levels” at Tille Höyük on the Euphrates (G. D. Summers)

The Late Bronze Age to Early Iron Age Transition: A Perspective from the Upper Tigris River (T. Matney)

Neo-Hittite Melid: Continuity or Discontinuity? (M. Frangipane - M. Liverani)

Pottery as an Indicator of Changing Interregional Relations in the Upper  Euphrates Valley. The Case of the Late Bronze-Iron Age Assemblages from Arslantepe/Malatya (F. Manuelli)

New Excavations at the Late Bronze Age and Iron Age Site of Gre Amer on the Garzan River, Batman Province (G. Pulhan - S. R. Blaylock)

SECTION C: Funerary practices, texts and the arts

Funerary Practices and Society at the Late Bronze-Iron Age Transition. A View from Tell Shiukh Fawqâni and Tell an-Nasriyah (Syria) (A. Tenu)

Working Ivory in Syria and Anatolia during the Late Bronze-Iron Age (A. Caubet)

Arts and Cross-Cultural Communication in the Early 1st Millennium: The Syro-Anatolian Contact (S. Mazzoni)

The Luwian Inscriptions from the Temple of the Storm-God of Aleppo (J. D. Hawkins)

Qadesh, Sea-Peoples, and Anatolian-Levantine Interactions (K. Strobel)

An Amulet with the Names of Ramesses II from the Roman Baths at Ankara (H. Peker)

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