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W. Dietrich - S. Arnet (ed.): Konzise und Aktualisierte Ausgabe des Hebräischen und Aramäischen Lexikons zum Alten Testament (KAHAL). Leiden

M. Cogan: Bound for Exile. Israelites and Judeans Under Imperial Yoke. Documents from Assyria and Babylonia. Jerusalem

X. Ouyang: Monetary role of silver and its administration in Mesopotamia during the Ur III Period (c. 2112-2004 BCE): A case study of the Umma province. BPOA 11. Madrid

P. Matthiae - N. Marchetti (eds.): Ebla and its Landscape. Early State Formation in the Ancient Near East. Left Coast Press

W. Mayer: Assyrien und Urartu I. Der Achte Feldzug Sargon II. im Jahr 714 v. Chr. AOAT 395/1. Münster

A. R. George: Babylonian Divinatory Texts Chiefly in the Schøyen Collection, with an appendix of material from the papers of W. G. LambertManuscripts in the Schøyen Collection - Cuneiform Texts VII. Cornell University Studies in Assyriology and Sumerology 18.

F. Desset: Premières Écritures Iraniennes. Les systèmes proto-élamite et élamite linéaire. Napoli

R. L. Chapman - Sh. Gibson - Y. Shapira (eds.): Tourists, Travellers and Hotels in 19th-Century JerusalemPalestine Exploration Fund Annuals 11. Maney Publishing

J-C. Margueron: Cités InvisiblesLa naissance de l'urbanisme au Proche-Orient ancien. Geuthner

S. Dalley: The Mystery of the Hanging Garden of Babylon. An Elusive World Wonder Traced. Oxford

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