2013. június 26., szerda

JCS 65 (2013)

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Journal of Cuneiform Studies, The Early Years (Benjamin R. Foster)

Remarks On AD-GI4 (A.K.A. “Archaic Word List C” or “Tribute”) (Miguel Civil)

A Note on Lines 168–169 of Enki and Ninhursag (Piotr Steinkeller)

Marad in the Early Old Babylonian Period: Its Kings, Chronology, and Isin's Influence (Rients de Boer)

Jen 957 (Nuzi) Revisited (Josué J. Justel)

The Structure and Decline of the Middle Assyrian State: The Role of Autonomous and Nonstate Actors (Brian Brown)

Piecing Together the Song of Release (Eva von Dassow)

Kontrastierung und Variation: Zur Verwendung von Logogrammschreibungen und des Zeichens LI besonders in hethitischen Königsnamen (Jürgen Lorenz)

Purity and Access: A Catalog of Lexical Texts Dedicated to Nabû (Niek Veldhuis)

Prescriptions and Rituals for Happiness, Success, and Divine Favor: The Compilation A 522 (BAM 318) (Daniel Schwemer)

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