2013. június 3., hétfő

Gyakornoki munka a British Museumban

Részletek a felhívás szövegéből:

The British Museum and Glasgow Museums are looking for a trainee candidate to work in the British Museum Ancient Egypt and Sudan department, and then go on to work in Glasgow. At the British Museum
you will support the renewal of interpretation in the Egyptian sculpture gallery and the creation of related web content. You will also assist in a partnership between the British Museum and the Maidstone Museum towards refurbishment of the latter's Egyptian display. You will then go on to support the curatorial team at Glasgow Museums and other museums in the Glasgow area, in reviewing the documentation of the Ancient Egypt collections and supporting public engagement programmes. You will also gain experience in many different museum activities and projects, and will support the supervising curator in other responsibilities. In conjunction with this vocational experience you will take part in an extensive training programme covering a broad range of curatorial practice.

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