2013. június 6., csütörtök

ANES 50 (2013)

A tartalomból:

K. Kakhiani et al., Archaeological Investigations at Chobareti in Southern Georgia, the Caucasus

G. Bourogiannis, Who Hides Behind the Pots? A Reassessment of the Phoenician Presence in Early Iron Age Cos and Rhodes

A. Çifci, A.M. Greaves, Urartian Irrigation Systems: A Critical Review

A. Goldfarb, Reinterpreting Iconography with Astronomy

J. Yogev, Sh. Yona, A Trainee and a Skilled Ugaritic Scribe. KTU 1.12 and KTU 1.4

A.R. Davis, 'Answer me Properly!' Diplomatic Strategy and Subterfuge in the Treaty Texts from Mari

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