2013. június 8., szombat

JAEI 5/2 (2013)

A tartalomból:

An Analysis of Two Theories Proposing Domestic Goats, Sheep, and Other Goods Were Imported into Egypt by Sea During the Neolithic Period (Samuel Mark)

Toward Pinpointing the Timing of the Egyptian Abandonment of Avaris During the Middle of the 18th Dynasty (Douglas Petrovich)

Critical Remarks on a Proposed Etymology of Hebrew נצר and Aramaic Nqr (Joachim Friedrich Quack)

Fishing for Meaning: The Significance of Net Weights, Fishhooks and Netting Needles in Mortuary Contexts at Tell el-‘Ajjul (Rachael Thyrza Sparks)

K(no)w More Spears From The Backs Of Chariots: Problems With The Battle Of Kadesh’s Thrusting Spears (Nicholas Wernick)

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