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Ókori kelet Örményországban (cikkek) / ANE in Armenia (papers)

Pavel Avetisyan - Arsen Bobokhyan (eds.): Archaeology of Armenia in Regional Context. Proceedings of the International Conference dedicated to the 50th Anniversary of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography Held on September 15-17, 2009 in Yerevan. Yerevan, 2012

A tartalomból:

A comparative technological study of Kura-Araxes ceramics and their derivatives: Project design and first results (Raffi Greenberg, Mark Iserlis)

Archaeological investigations in Trialeti (Goderdzi Narimanishvili)

A new indication for the specific dating of Trialeti culture (Konstantin Pitskhelauri, Rolan Kiladze)

Recent methodological and technical advances in the archaeology of Late Bronze Age residential complexes, Tsaghkahovit Plain, Armenia (Ian Lindsay)

The Iron Age fortress of Aramus, Armenia: Archaeological evidence of the East and North Forts (Sandra Heinsch, Walter Kuntner, Hayk Avetisyan)

The surroundings of the Khaldi temple: Preliminary results of a new program of research on the Urartian fortress of Erebuni (Stephane Deschamps et al.)

Rattling and clapping Urartian girls: Idiophones in Urartu (Ursula Seidl)

The silver rhyta from Erebuni revisited (David Stronach)

Beniamin (5-4th centuries BC): A palace and its dependencies during the Achaemenid period (Felix Ter-Martirosov et al.)

Armenians depicted on Achaemenid monuments (Michael Roaf)

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