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Iconoclasm in the Ancient Near East

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Natalie N. May (ed.): Iconoclasm and Text Destruction in the Ancient Near East and Beyond. Chicago

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A tartalomból:

1. Iconoclasm and Text Destruction in the Ancient Near East (Natalie N. May)

Section one: “Iconoclasm Begins at Sumer” and Akkad
2. Mutilation of Text and Image in Early Sumerian Sources (Christopher Woods)
3. Gudea of Lagash: Iconoclasm or Tooth of Time? (Claudia E. Suter)
4. Damnatio Memoriae: The Old Akkadian Evidence for Destruction of Name and Destruction of Person (Joan G. Westenholz)

Section Two: Iconoclasm as an Instrument of Politics
5. Death of Statues and Rebirth of Gods (Hanspeter Schaudig)
6. Shared Fates: Gaza and Ekron as Examples for the Assyrian Religious Policy in the West (Angelika Berlejung)
7. Getting Smashed at the Victory Celebration, or What Happened to Esarhaddon’s so-called Vassal Treaties and Why (JoAnn Scurlock)

Section Three: How the Images Die and Why?
8. Ali-talimu – What Can Be Learned from the Destruction of Figurative Complexes (Natalie N. May)
9. The Hypercoherent Icon: Knowledge, Rationalization, and Disenchantment at Nineveh (Seth Richardson)

Section Four: Iconoclasm and the Bible 
10. What Can Go Wrong with an Idol? (Victor A. Hurowitz)
11. Text Destruction and Iconoclasm in the Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East (Nathaniel Levtow)

Section five: Beyond Mesopotamia
12. Episodes of Iconoclasm in the Egyptian New Kingdom (Betsy M. Bryan)
13. Killing the Image, Killing the Essence: The Destruction of Text and Figures in Ancient Egyptian Thought, Ritual, and ‘Ritualized History’ (Robert K. Ritner)
14. Hittite Iconoclasm: Disconnecting the Icon, Disempowering the Referent (Petra M. Goedegebuure)

Section six: Classical Antiquity and Byzantium 
15. Performing the Frontier: The Abduction and Destruction of Religious and Political Signifiers in Greco-Persian Conflicts (Silke Knippschild)

Section seven: Reformation and Modernity
19. A Partially Re-cut Relief from Khorsabad (Eleanor Guralnick)

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