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Letöltögetős / Free on-line books

A szokásos: Chicago, on-line, könyvek. Linkek itt (a január 14.-i bejegyzésnél), itt meg néhány cím, ízelítőül:

Changing Watercourses in Babylonia: Towards a Reconstruction of the Ancient Environment in Lower Mesopotamia 1. Hermann Gasche and Michel Tanret, editors. Originally published in 1998.

Dating the Fall of Babylon: A Reappraisal of Second-Millennium Chronology. J. A. Armstrong, S. W. Cole, and V. G. Gurzadyan. Originally published in 1998.

Feasts for Pharaohs & Kings: A Cookbook by the Oriental Institute Museum, The University of Chicago. Edited and compiled by Anne S. Blomstrom. Originally published in 1983.

Old Babylonian Contracts From Nippur: Selected Texts From the University Museum University of Pennsylvania. Catalogue by Elizabeth C. Stone. Photos by Paul E. Zimansky. Originally published in 1976.

Studies Presented to A. Leo Oppenheim, June 7, 1964. R. D. Biggs and J. A. Brinkman, editors. Originally published in 1964.

The Sumerians: Their History, Culture, and Character. Samuel Noah Kramer. Originally published in 1963.

Third Century Iran: Sapor and Kartir. Martin Sprengling. Originally published in 1953.

A Study of Writing. I. J. Gelb. Originally published in 1952.

The Persepolis Expedition. Erich F. Schmidt. Originally published in 1941.

A Political History of Parthia. Neilson C. Debevoise. Originally published in 1938.

They Wrote on Clay: The Babylonian Tablets Speak Today. By Edward Chiera. Edited by George G. Cameron. Originally published in 1938.

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