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Ägypten und Levante 21 (2011)

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H. Franzmeier et al., Radiocarbon Evidence for New Kingdom Tombs: Sedment 254 and 246

C.E. Köhler and M. Ownby, Levantine Imports and their Imitations from Helwan

D. Collon and M. Lehmann, Report on the Sealings Found in the 2009 Excavations at Tell el-Dab`a

Andrea Manzo, Punt in Egypt and Beyon

N. Moeller and G. Maround with a contribution by N. Ayers, Discussion of Late Middle Kingdom and Early Second Intermediate Period History and Chronology in Relation to the Khayan Sealings from Tell Edfu

J. Mynàrovà, Expressions of Dates and Time in the Amarana Letters

S. Rzepka et al., New Kingdom and the Third Intermediate Period in Tell el-Retaba

Y. Yasouka, Neuerwägungen zu den memphitischen Säulen

T. Dothan and D. Regev, An Inscribed Baboon Statuette from Tel Miqne-Ekron

A. Faust and H. Katz, Philistines, Israelites and Canaanites in the Southern Through Valley during the Iron Age I

I. Finkelstein et al., Phoenician "Torpedo" Amphores and Egypt: Standarization of Volume Based on Linear Dimensions

D.M. Master. L.E. Stager and A. Yasur-Landau, Chronological Observation at the Dawn of the Iron Age in Ashkelon

T. Mühlenbruch und H. Mommsen, Neuronenaktivierungsanalysen an mykenischer Keramik aus Kusakli-Sarissa und Sirkeli (Türkei), Kamid el-Loz-Kumidi (Libanon) und dem Fayum (Ägypten)

T. Mühlenbruch, Kayalpinar - ein hethitisches Zentrum mit "Palastbezirk". Die Red Lustrous Wheelmade-Ware aus "Gebäude B" und ein Ansatz für die "soziale" Deutung der "Libationsräume"

D. Vieweger, The Transition from the Bronze to the Iron Age in Northern Palestine. Archaeological and Archaeometric Investigations on Tall Zira'a

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