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Archäologische Mitteilungen aus Iran und Turan 43 (2011)

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Water and caves in Ancient Iranian religion: Aspects of archaeology, cultural history and religion. Workshop in the “Kunstsammlungen” at the University of Bochum, 2008.

Stöllner, Th., Introduction of the results of the Vešnave Project

Abar, A., Glances at rural religiousness in pre-Islamic Central Iran. Reconstruction of aspects of ritual activities deduced from the pottery deposition in Čale Ğār Mine 1, Vešnave, Iran

Bagherpour-Kashani, N., Iranian jewellery and small finds in religious context

Bagherpour-Kashani, N., Roustaie, K. and Stöllner, Th., Iron Age amber beads from Vešnave/Iran

Huff, D., Problems of votive offerings in Zoroastrian Iran

Overlaet, B., Čale Ğār (Kāšān Area) and votives, favissae and cave deposits in pre-Islamic and Islamic traditions

Rose, J.,In Praise of the Good Waters: continuity and purpose in Zoroastrian lay rituals

Kreyenbroek, Ph. G., Some remarks on water and caves in pre-Islamic Iranian religions


Pollock, S., Bernbeck, R., Excavations at Monjukli Depe, Meana-Chaacha Region, Turkmenistan, 2010. 

Sardari, A. R. et al., Northern Fars in the Bakun period: archaeological evidence from the Eghlid District

Kaniuth, K., Tilla Bulak 2010 - Vorbericht über die vierte Grabugnskampagne.

Luneau, E. et al., Production céramiques de la culture du Vakhsh (Tadjikistan, âge du Bronze): de nouvelles perspectives chrono-culturelles

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