2012. szeptember 5., szerda

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A. Nissenbaum - S. Buckley: Dead Sea Asphalt in Ancient Egyptian Mummies - Why? Archaeometry (early view)

D. Nadali: L’archeologia di Nabucco: l’Oriente antico in scena. Studi Verdiani 22 (2010-2011) 73-87.

P. Pomey, Y. Kahanov, E. Rieth: Transition from Shell to Skeleton in Ancient Mediterranean Ship-Construction: analysis, problems, and future research. International Journal of Nautical Archaeology 41 (2012) 235–314.

C. Beltrame: New Evidence for the Submerged Ancient Harbour Structures at Tolmetha and Leptis Magna, Libya. International Journal of Nautical Archaeology 41 (2012) 315–326.

Changyu Liu: Six Ur III Tablets from the Special Collections of the University of Missouri-Columbia. CDLB 2012: 2.

A. Tugendhaft: How to Become a Brother in the Bronze Age: An Inquiry into the Representation of Politics in Ugaritic Myth. Fragments: Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Study of Ancient and Medieval Pasts 2 (2012)

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