2012. szeptember 26., szerda

ANES 49 (2012)

A tartalomból:

G. Bourogiannis - Chr. Ioannou: 'Phoinikeia Grammata' at Cos. A New Case of Phoenician Script from Archaic Greece

A. Zukerman: A Re-Analysis of the Iron Age IIA Cult Place at Lachish

J. Birkett-Rees: Power and Presence.Landscape and Tenure in Middle Bronze Age Central Transcaucasia

A. H. Nobari et al.: Excavation at Lavin Tepe in Northwest Iran

A. Sinclair: The 'International Style'. Colour and Polychrome Faience

Y. N. Youssef: A New Witness of a Copto-Greek Hymn - Poiekon

T. Bryce: The Nişantepe Archive and the Hittite Royal Dynasty

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