2012. szeptember 4., kedd

Call for papers: István Hahn 100

To mark the centenary of his birth a conference on ancient cults and religions will be dedicated to the memory of  István Hahn, the former professor of ELTE University Budapest. The conference takes place on 22–23 March 2013 in the Gólyavár building of the ELTE Campus (4 Múzeum körút, Budapest, H-1088).

Invited readers are:
Thomas Köves-Zulauf (István Hahn Lecturer 2008)
Ioan Piso (István Hahn Lecturer 2010)
Heikki Solin (István Hahn Lecturer 2012)
Gideon Bohak (István Hahn Lecturer 2013)
Marc Mayer (Barcelona, honorary professor of ELTE)
Zsigmond Ritoók (Budapest, professor emeritus of ELTE)
László Török (Budapest, professor emeritus of ELTE)

Colleagues and other scholars are invited to present papers (20 mins) in the field of ancient Greek, Roman, Jewish or Christian religion. The official languages of the conference are English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. The deadline for applications is 21 January 2013. Registrations should be submitted to the following address with title, abstract (5 lines), and indication of the speaker’s institution: nemeth.gyorgy at btk.elte.hu

Non Omnis Moriar Foundation
Department of Ancient History, ELTE University
Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Section of Philosophy and Historical Sciences

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