2008. december 12., péntek

Új könyv a III. Ur-i dinasztiáról

Steven J. Garfinkle - J. Cale Johnson (eds.).
The Growth of an Early State in Mesopotamia: Studies in Ur III Administration.
Proceedings of the First and Second Ur III Workshops at the 49th and 51st Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale, London July 10, 2003 and Chicago July 19, 2005.
Biblioteca del Próximo Oriente Antiguo 5. Madrid 2008

I. The corpus of Neo-Sumerian tablets: an overview (M. Molina);
II.Was the Ur III state bureaucratic? Patrimonialism and bureaucracy inthe Ur III Period (S.J. Garfinkle);
III. Of kings and cups (C.Fischer);
IV. "To everything there is a season, turn, turn, turn" (T.Sharlach);
V. Day dates in texts from Drehem (W.W. Hallo);
VI. The"messenger texts" from Girsu (P. Mander);
VII. The Umma "messenger texts" (F. D'Agostino);
VIII. Distribution géographique et organisation administrative des équipes agricoles de la province d'Umma (N. Vanderroost);
IX. The workforce at Umma: some new questions (B. Studevent-Hickman);
X. Bezeichnungen der Arbeitskräfte in Umma der Ur III-Zeit (N. Koslova);
XI. The Ur III metal loans from Ur (M.Widell);
XII. Rest in pieces. The archive of Igibuni (K. De Graef).

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