2014. december 29., hétfő

Journal of Ancient Near Eastern History 1/2 (2014)

A tartalom:

Matthew James Suriano, The Historicality of the King: An Exercise in Reading Royal Inscriptions from the Ancient Levant

Yigal Bloch, Judeans in Sippar and Susa during the First Century of the Babylonian Exile: Assimilation and Perseverance under Neo-Babylonian and Achaemenid Rule

John O. Hyland, The Casualty Figures in Darius’ Bisitun Inscription

Lucinda Dirven, Religious Continuity and Change in Parthian Mesopotamia: A Note on the Survival of Babylonian Traditions

Area Review: Juan Carlos Moreno García, Recent Developments in the Social and Economic History of Ancient Egypt (free access)

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