2014. december 20., szombat

JAEI 6/4

A tartalomból:

A. David, Wandering Rosettes: Qatna's Key to a Misunderstood Motif

A. Hunt Gordon, A Preliminary Look at Theban Tomb 119 and its Scene of "Foreign Tribute"

A. Iacoviello, Some Remarks on the Tjemhu Libyans

H. Bassir, Self Presentation in Ancient Egypt, Nubia, and the Near East

L. Bestock - Ch- KnoblauchRevisiting Middle Kingdom Interactions in Nubia: The Uronarti Regional Archaeological Project 

V.  BoschloosThe Middle Bronze Age "Green Jasper Seal Workshop": New Evidence from the Levant and Egypt

M. Carmela Gatto, A. Curci and A. Urcia Nubia Evidence in the Egyptian First Nome: Results of the 2013-2014 Field Seasons of the Aswan-Kom Ombo Archaeological Project (AKAP)
G. I. Kontopoulos, The Egyptian Diplomatic System in the Late Bronze Age Beyond the Terms of "Brotherhood" and "Equality": The Egyptian "Abandonment" of Power and Aspects of Pharaonic Identity and Kingship

A. Legendart, Le motif en « trèfle »: Un exemple de transfert iconographique en Mediterranee orientale a l'age du bronze (with English summary)

I. Bald Romano,  A Ptolemaic Royal Portrait in the Arizona State Museum, University of Arizona

K. Sowada, Report on a Project to Synchronize Egyptian and Levantine Chronologies of the Third Millennium BCE

K. Szpakowska, The Ancient Egyptian Demonology Project

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