2014. december 19., péntek

Birmingham Egyptological Symposium

Online letölthető a következő kötet:  Proceedings of the First Birmingham Egyptology Symposium, University of Birmingham, 21st February 2014.

A tartalomból: 

Simmance, E. ‘The significance of location for the mediating statues of Amenhotep son of Hapu’.

Asbury, B. L. ‘Pitt-Rivers, the Painter and the Palaeolithic Period’.

Godefroid, A. ‘Book of the Dead Chapter 182: a case of related structure between the text and its vignette’.

Mushett Cole, E. ‘Did the political upheaval during the Late Bronze Age cause a change in the form of Egyptian control in the Levant? An analysis of the changes in the political landscape of the Levant during the late New Kingdom’.

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