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Aramazd 8 (2013-2014) (FsPetrosyan)

Aram Kosyan, Yervand Grekyan, Arsen Bobokhyan (eds.): The Black & The White: Studies on History, Archaeology, Mythology and Philology in Honor of Armen Petrosyan in Occasion of His 65th Birthday

A tartalomból:

I. History and Archaeology

A. Bobokhyan: Problems of Ethnicity in the Context of Archaeology of Ancient Armenia

M. Castelluccia, R. Dan: Metal Horse Bits from Urartian Sites

A. Gevorgyan, A. Bobokhyan: Bull Sacrifices

Y. Grekyan: When the Gods Leave People (The Climatological Hypothesis of the Collapse of the Urartian State)

M. Herles, H. Avetisyan: An Old Site at Oshakan in a Different Light: the Small Hill of Pokr Blur

M. Işıklı: Relections on Twenty Five Years of Excavations at Ayanis Castle: Past, Present and Future

M. Karaosmanoğlu, M. Ali Yılmaz: Some Considerations on Urartian Religious Activities in the Light of Recent Evidence from Temple Complex of Altıntepe

A. Kosyan: Rulers of Hayasa: Hukkana

N. Shanshashvili, G. Narimanishvili: Iconography of Syria-Mesopotamian Goddess from Kakheti (Meli-Ghele Shrine)

N. Tiratsyan: Two Pithos Burials from Argištihinili

II. Mythology and philology

R. da Riva: The East India House Inscription. A New Duplicate  from the British Museum (BM 122119)

S. Hmayakyan, L. Simonyan: Traces of Folk Calendar and Fests in the Urartian Texts

S. Jatsemirskij: “Para-Lydian” Inscription from Sardis

M. Khachikyan: Reflections on the Origin of the Hurrian Ergative Case Marker -ž and the Correlative Particle -šše

H. Martirosyan: An Armenian Theonym of Indo-European Origin: Ayg ‘Dawn Goddess’

J. Puhvel: Perils of Postulates: A Hittite Example

V. Shevoroshkin: Milyan trija

Y. Vassilkov: Some Observations on the Indian and the Mesopotamian Flood Myths

I. Yakubovich: The Luwian Deity Kwanza

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