2014. április 4., péntek

Iranica Antiqua 49 (2014)

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F. Desset: A New Writing System Discovered in 3rd Millennium BCE Iran: The Konar Sandal 'Geometric' Tablets

M. Malekzadeh, S. Saeedyan, R. Naseri: Zar Bolagh: A Late Iron Age Site in Central Iran

M. Castelluccia: A Transcaucasian Bronze Belt Held in the Musée d'Archéologie nationale, Saint-Germain-en-Laye

X. Wu: 'O Young Man ... Make Known of What Kind You Are'. Warfare, History, and Elite Ideology of the Achaemenid Persian Empire

M. Rahbar, S. Alibaigi, E. Haerinck, B. Overlaet: In Search of the Laodike Temple at Laodikeia in Media / Nahavand, Iran

V. Messina: A New Proposal for Identifying the Kings Represented on the Hung-e Azhdar Rock Relief

C.G. Cereti, G. Terribili: The Middle Persian and Parthian Inscriptions on the Paikuli Tower. New Blocks and Preliminary Studies

V. Martinez Ferreras et al.: The Enclosure of Tchingiz-Tepe (Ancient Termez, Uzbekistan) during the Kushan and Kushan-Sassanian Periods. Archaeological Stratigraphy and 14C Dating Analyses

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