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Michal Kozuh et al. (eds.): Extraction & Control: Studies in Honor of Matthew W. Stolper. Studies in Ancient Oriental Civilization 68. Chicago. Letölthető innen.

A tartalom:

Persepolis Fortification Aramaic Tablet Seal 0002 and the Keeping of Horses (Annalisa Azzoni - Elspeth R. M. Dusinberre)

An Episode in the Reign of the Babylonian Pretender Nebuchadnezzar IV. (Paul-Alain Beaulieu)

Achaemenid Estate(s) Near Pasargadae? (Rémy Boucharlat)

Les tablettes de bois du Grand roi (Note sur les communications officielles dans un royaume itinérant) (Pierre Briant)

Royal Women in Elamite Art (Elizabeth Carter)

Iddin-Nabû sepir sa gardu (Walter Farber)

The Royal-Name Seals of Darius I (Mark B. Garrison)

De vie à trépas (Françoise Grillot-Susini)

The Estates of Shamash on the Habur (Michael Jursa - Klaus Wagensonner)

Elamite and Akkadian Inscribed Bricks from Bard-e Karegar (Khuzistan, Iran) (Michael Kozuh)

Reassessing the Reign of Xerxes in the Light of New Evidence (Amélie Kuhrt)

Cultural Exchange at Kültepe (Mogens Trolle Larsen - Agnete Wisti Lassen)

The Curricular Context of an Akkadian Prayer from Old Babylonian Ur (UET 6 402) (Jacob Lauinger)

Myth, History, Cosmology, and Hydraulics in Achaemenid Iran (Bruce Lincoln)

Biography of a Sentence: Assurbanipal, Nabonidus, and Cyrus (Piotr Michalowski)

Periodicities and Period Relations in Babylonian Celestial Sciences (Francesca Rochberg)

On Persons in the Old Babylonian Law Collections: The Case of mar awilim in Bodily Injury Provisions (Martha T. Roth)

Gilgamesh and the ius primae noctis (Gonzalo Rubio)

Cyrus the Great, Exiles, and Foreign Gods: A Comparison of Assyrian and Persian Policies on Subject Nations (R. J. van der Spek)

Persians on the Euphrates? Material Culture and Identity in Two Achaemenid Burials from Hacinebi, Southeast Turkey (Gil J. Stein)

On the Dynasty of Šimaški: Twenty Years (or so) After (Piotr Steinkeller)

Some Thoughts on the ustarbaru (Jan Tavernier)

A Statue of Darius in the Temple of Sippar (Caroline Waerzeggers)

Earth, Water, and Friendship with the King: Argos and Persia in the Mid-fifth Century (Matthew W. Waters)

Freedom and Dependency: Neo-Babylonian Manumission Documents with Oblation and Service Obligation (Cornelia Wunsch - F. Rachel Magdalene)

From Lower Land to Cappadocia (Ilya Yakubovich)

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