2014. április 12., szombat

Call for papers: CECE 7

Részletek a felhívás szövegéből:

In 2015 the Seventh Central European Conference of Egyptologists. Egypt 2015: Perspectives of Research will be held at the University of Zagreb in Zagreb, Croatia. It is co-organised by a few scholarly institutions, that is by the above-mentioned Department of History, The Center for Croatian Studies, the University of Zagreb (Dr Mladen Tomorad), Croatia, the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb, Croatia (Igor Uranić) and the Department of Ancient Cultures of the Pułtusk Academy of Humanities in Pułtusk, Poland (Dr Joanna Popielska-Grzybowska).


Duration of presentation will be 20 minutes with 10 minutes discussion for each paper.

The official language of the conference is English.

Deadline for submission of abstracts is November 30, 2014, with notification of acceptance by February 1, 2015.

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