2014. március 28., péntek

JNES 73/1 (2014)

A fontosabb cikkek:

The Ahmose ‘Tempest Stela’, Thera and Comparative Chronology (Robert K. Ritner and Nadine Moeller)

Lugalbanda Under the Night Sky: Scenes of Celestial Healing in Ancient Mesopotamia (John Z. Wee)

A Flood at Tarsus (Kent Rigsby)

Hana and the Low Chronology (Amanda H. Podany)

Revisiting ‘Noise’ (rigmu) in Atra-ḫasīs in Light of Baby Incantations (Yağmur Heffron)

The Role of Aštabi in the Song of Ullikummi and the Eastern Mediterranean “Failed God” Stories (Noga Ayali-Darshan)

The Dispute over the Land of Qedem at the Onset of the Aram-Israel Conflict: A Reanalysis of Lines 3–4 of the Tel Dan Inscription (Andrew Knapp)

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