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Call for Posters: Melammu 8

The Melammu Project, Universität Kiel, Main Topic: "The Iranian Worlds (and Ancient Mesopotamia)", 11.11.2014-15.11.2014, Kiel, Germany.

Deadline: 30.04.2014

Call for Posters for the Melammu Symposia 8

The Melammu Project investigates the continuity, transformation and diffusion of Mesopotamian and Ancient Near Eastern culture from the third millennium BCE through the ancient world until Islamic times. For more information, see http://www.aakkl.helsinki.fi/melammu/.

In accordance with the scope of the Melammu Project, we invite researchers from all possibly relevant disciplines (not just Assyriologists), including philosophy, history, Assyriology, Egyptology, Classics, Old Testament studies, Islam studies, etc.

Please note that the conference language is English only. Although the conference organizers are looking into possibilities to help out with accommodation and travel costs, at this stage it is probably best to assume that participants will have to find funding for most of the costs by themselves.

We herewith invite proposals for posters for the Melammu Symposia 8.

There will be six sessions:
1. Iran and Old Testament Studies
2. Ancient Iran and (Early) Islam
3. The Ancient Near East and Parthian and Sasanian Iran
4. Iran: Archaeology and Material Culture
5. The Ancient Near East and Its Western and Eastern Neighbours
6. The Ancient Near Eastern Traditions; Young Reseachers' Workshop

The first step: Please send an abstracts of max. 300 words to 30 April 2014.

Address it please to topics:
(1, 3): Ph.D. Agnieszka Wojciechowska agnieszka.w4 at gmail.com
(2, 4): Ph.D. Julien Monerie julienmonerie at gmail.com
(5, 6): Ph.D. Krzysztof Ulanowski wnsuk at univ.gda.pl

Results will be announced on 05 May 2014.

The second step, after qualifying a poster for the presentation: Poster presentations will be divided into three groups, two each day. In the morning, there will be a quick succession of talks in which those presenting that day will have two(!) minutes to introduce themselves, their research and their poster. You can use one slide for this introduction. Send us your slide in PDF format by 15 September at the latest, so that we can join them into one file, to save transition time. Posters will be displayed on moveable boards that measure 1.20m x 1.45m.

How to use this space is completely up to you (portrait or landscape, use the entire space or not, etc.). There are no poster printing facilities in Kiel, so you will have to print the poster at your home institution and
take it with you (We will not do the printing for you). As posters are not (yet) a common thing in the humanities, on your request, we will include two files with information on how to make a good poster: an
article from Nature (geared towards scientists, but equally useful for scholars), and a template that you can use.

Co-chair, Posters for the Melammu Symposia 8
Krzysztof Ulanowski
University of Gdansk

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