2014. március 26., szerda

JAEI 6/1 (2014) - Egypt and Nubia

Editorial Essay: Nubia, Coming Out of the Shadow of Egypt
Stuart Tyson Smith

At the Border between Egypt and Nubia: Skeletal Material from El-Hesa Cemetery 2
Vincent Francigny, Alex de Voogt, Joanna Kahn, William Harcourt-Smith

Peripatetic Nomads along the Nile: Unfolding the Nubian Pan-Grave Culture of the Second Intermediate Period
Maria Carmela Gatto

Tirhakah, King of Kush and Sennacherib
Dan'el Kahn

Creating and Re-Shaping Egypt in Kush: Responses at Amara West
Neal Spencer

Some Geographical and Political Aspects to Relations between Egypt and Nubia in C-Group and Kerma Times, ca. 2500 – 1500 B.C.
Bruce Beyer Williams

The Chronology and Attribution of Royal Pyramids at Meroe and Gebel Barkal: BEG N 8, BEG N 12, BAR 5 and BAR 2
Janice W. Yellin

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