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Thebes in the First Millennium BC

E. Pischikova - J. Budka - K. Griffin (eds): Thebes in the First Millennium BC

Part A: Historical Background

A. Dodson: The Coming of the Kushites and the Identity of Osorkon IV 

Part B: Royal Burials: Thebes and Abydos

D. A. Aston: Royal Burials at Thebes during the First Millennium BC

A. Leahy: Kushites at Abydos: The Royal Family and Beyond

Part C: Elite Tombs of the Theban Necropolis

R. A. Ali: Lost Tombs of Qurna: Development and Preservation of the Middle Area of the Theban Necropolis 

F. Y. Abd el Karim: New Tombs of the North Asasif 

E. Pischikova: Kushite Tombs of the South Asasif Necropolis: Conservation, Reconstruction, and Research 

A. M. Ali: Reconstruction and Conservation of the Tomb of Karakhamun (TT 223) 

Ch. Greco: The Forgotten Tomb of Ramose (TT 132) 

L. Gestermann - F. Gomaà: The Tomb of Montuemhat (TT 34) in the Theban Necropolis: A New Approach 

C. Traunecker: The “Funeral Palace” of Padiamenope (TT 33): Tomb, Place of Pilgrimage, and Library. Current research 

G. Schreiber: Kushite and Saite Period Burials on el-Khokha 

K. Griffin: The Book of the Dead from the Western Wall of the Second Pillared Hall in the Tomb of Karakhamun (TT 223) 

M. A. M. Polo: The Broad Hall of the Two Maats: Spell BD 125 in Karakhamun’s Main Burial Chamber 

E. Graefe: Report on the Work on the Fragments of the “Stundenritual” (Ritual of the Hours of the Day) in TT 223 

I. Régen: The Amduat and the Book of the Gates in the Tomb of Padiamenope (TT 33): A Work in Progress

S. Einaudi: Between South and North Asasif: The Tomb of Harwa (TT 37) as a “Transitional Monument” 

F. Coppens: The So-called “Lichthof” Once More: On the Transmission of Concepts between Tomb and Temple 

A. Hallmann: Some Observations about the Representation of the Neck-sash in Twenty-sixth Dynasty Thebes 

R. G. Morkot: All in the Detail: Some Further Observations on “Archaism” and Style in Libyan-Kushite-Saite Egypt 

C. Koch: Usurpation and the Erasure of Names during the Twenty-sixth Dynasty

Part D: Burial Assemblages and Other Finds in Elite Tombs

E. Abbas: The Significance of a Ritual Scene on the Floor Board of Some Coffin Cases in the Twenty-first Dynasty

S. Musso and S. Petacchi: The Inner Coffin of Tameramun: A Unique Masterpiece of Kushite Iconography from Thebes 

C. M. Sheikholeslami: Sokar-Osiris and the Goddesses: Some Twenty-fifth–Twenty-sixth Dynasty Coffins from Thebes

A. Amenta: The Vatican Coffin Project 

J. Budka: Kushite Pottery from the Tomb of Karakhamun: Towards a Reconstruc­tion of the Use of Pottery in Twenty-fifth Dynasty Temple Tombs 

S. Ikram: A Collection of Cows: Brief Remarks on the Faunal Material from the South Asasif Conservation Project 

K. Gosford: Three Burial Assemblages of the Saite Period from Saqqara 

Part E: Karnak 

N. Licitra, Ch. Thiers, P. Zignani: A Major Development Project of the Northern Area of the Amun-Re Precinct at Karnak during the Reign of Shabaqo 

L. Coulon: The Quarter of the Divine Adoratrices at Karnak (Naga Malgata) during the Twenty-sixth Dynasty: Some Hitherto Unpublished Epigraphic Material 

A. Masson: Offering Magazines on the Southern Bank of the Sacred Lake in Karnak: The Oriental Complex of the Twenty-fifth–Twenty-sixth Dynasty 

S. Boulet - C. Defernez: Ceramic Production in the Theban Area from the Late Period: New Discoveries in Karnak 

E. Frood - K. Howley: Applications of Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) in the Study of Temple Graffiti

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