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Kaskal 10 (2013)

M. Forlanini: How to Infer Ancient Roads and Itineraries from Heterogeneous Hittite Texts: The Case of the Cilician (Kizzuwatnean) Road System

A. Gilibert: Death, Amusement and the City: Civic Spectacles and the Theatre Palace of Kapara, King of Gūzāna

R. Pirngruber: Police Forces in First Millennium BC Babylonia and Beyond

J. C. Fincke: Additions to the Venus Tablets of the Omen Series enūma anu enlil (EAE) Published in BPO 3 as Group F

G. Tonon: La costituzione del dominio lagide in Egitto: il caso di Tolomeo Soter

* * *
The Hurrian Texts from Ortaköy/Šapinuwa

Forward by Aygül Süel

S. De Martino - L. Murat - A. Suel: The Eleventh Tablet of the itkalzi Ritual from Šapinuwa

G. Wilhem - A. Süel: The Hittite Hurrian Offering Ritual for Tašmišarri Or. 97/1

M. Giorgieri - L. Murat - A. Süel: The kaluti-List of the Storm-god of Šapinuwa from Ortaköy (Or. 90/175)
and its Parallels from Boğazköy

* * *
Papers Presented at the VIU 2011-2012 Seminar in the Humanities on “Literature and Culture in the Ancient Mediterranean: Greece, Rome and the Near East”

Forward by L. Milano

M. Frazer: Nazi-Maruttaš in Later Mesopotamian Tradition

V. Cordani: What Kind of Hero? Aspects of Heroic Kingship in Hittite Literature

E. Jiménez: “The Creation of the King”: A Reappraisal

Ch. Metcalf: Babylonian Perspectives on the Certainty of Death

S. Svärd: Female Agency and Authorship in Mesopotamian Texts

* * *

Y. Cohen: Problems in the History and Chronology of Emar

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