2014. február 14., péntek

Egyptian Archeology 44

A tartalomból:

M. Bietak - E. Lange: Tell Basta: the palace of the Middle Kingdom

H. A. El-Tayeb: The burial chamber of Rashepses at Saqqara

J. Rowland: Documenting the Qufti archeological workforce

D. Jeffreys: Egyptian collegues at Saqqara (and elsewhere)

F. Tiradritti: Of kilns and corpses: Theban plague victims

M. Á. Molinero-Polo: Two enigmatic graffiti

M. S. Álvarez: The temple of Millions of Years of Tuthmosis III

S. Weens: Between myth and reality: the Andraos family collection

Ch. Thiers: Armant: recent discoveries at the temple Montu-Re

H. Willems: Deir el-Barsha: the tomb of Djehutinakht (III?)

H. Sourouzian: Recent work in the temple of Amenhotep III

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