2014. február 8., szombat

Cikkek innen-onnan

Robert Middeke-Conlin: The Scents of Larsa: A Study of the Aromatics Industry in an Old Babylonian Kingdom. CDLJ 2014/1.

Gabriella Spada: Two Old Babylonian Model Contracts. CDLJ 2014/2.

Gershon Galil: ‘yyn ḫlq’ The Oldest Hebrew Inscription from Jerusalem. Strata 31 (2013).

Takayoshi Oshima: BLMJ 2789: A Neo-Assyrian Cylinder Seal with a Healing Scene in a Reed Hut. BLER 2013/S1.

Zackary M. Wainer: Janus Parallelism in Šulgi V. BLER 2013/S2.

Idan Breier: Representations of the Dog in Seventh-Century BCE Assyrian Letters. Journal of Northwest Semitic Languages 39/2 (2013).

Alain Bernard - Christine Proust (eds.): Scientific Sources and Teaching Contexts throughout History: Problems and Perspectives. Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science 301. Springer
  • Teaching and learning Medicine and Exorcisme at Uruk during the Hellenistic Period (Philippe Clancier)
  • Does a Master always Write for his Students? Some Evidence from Old Babylonian Scribal Schools (Christine Proust)

Naama Yahalom-Mack et al.: Metalworking at Hazor: A Long-Term Perspective. OJA 33/1 (2014).

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