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First International Chariot Conference
Second Announcement

Chariots, the racecars of the ancient world, are amongst the most influential inventions in the history of warfare and a tribute to human inventiveness. Despite their prominence in different aspects of ancient Egyptian life, little is known about them. This conference serves, for the first time, to gather together specialists (archaeologists, philologists, art historians, technical specialists, and historians) who work on chariots and related subjects from ancient Egypt and the Near East.

The conference is scheduled for 1 & 2 December, 2012. Topics can include chariot technology, production, reconstruction, uses, social significance, typology, as well as other chariot-related subjects. Posters will also be accepted. The conference language is English.

Both papers and posters will be published online in a special edition of PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt/Egyptology (PJAEE; www.palarch.nl), an open-access peer-reviewed journal (ISSN 1567-214X) but will also be available as PoD volume in collaboration with Sidestone Press Academics (Leiden: www.sidestone.com), who are specialised in publishing archaeological scientific literature.

The conference will be held in Cairo (NVIC, 1, Dr. Sh. Mahmoud Azmi Str, Zamalek) and is jointly sponsored by the Netherlands Flemish Institute in Cairo (NVIC) and the American University in Cairo (AUC).

Please send titles and abstracts (500 words or less), by March 1 2012
to: veldmeijer at palarch.nl and salimaikram at gmail.com.

Notification of acceptances will be sent out by April 1 2012 and a final schedule will be sent out by May 20 2012. The next announcement will include suggestions for hotels as well as other details.

André J. Veldmeijer & Salima Ikram

Salima Ikram
Chair, SAPE Department
Professor of Egyptology
American University in Cairo
P. O. Box 74, Road 90, Tagammu 5
New Cairo 11825, EGYPT
salimaikram at gmail.com

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