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AOAT 392

Gershon Galil et al. (eds.): The Ancient Near East in the 12th–10th Centuries BCE: Culture and HistoryProceedings of the International Conference held at the University of Haifa, 2–5 May, 2010. AOAT 392. Münster, 2012.

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Reinhard Achenbach: Divine Warfare and Yhwh’s Wars: Religious Ideologies of War in the Ancient Near East and in the Old Testament

Michal Artzy: Continuation and Change in the 13th–10th Centuries BCE: Bronze-Working Koine?

Yigal Bloch: Assyro-Babylonian Conflicts in the Reign of Aššsur-rēša-iši I: The Contribution of Administrative Documents to History-Writing

Walter Dietrich: David and the Philistines: Literature and History

Frederick Mario Fales: Hanigalbat in the Early Neo-Assyrian Royal Inscriptions: A Retrospective View

Avraham Faust: Between Israel and Philistia: Ethnic Negotiations in the South during the Iron Age I

Gershon Galil: Solomon’s Temple: Fiction or Reality?

Yosef Garfinkel, Saar Ganor and Michael G. Hasel: The Iron Age City of Khirbet Qeiyafa after four Seasons of Excavations

Moti Haiman: Geopolitical Aspects of the Southern Levant Desert in the 11th–10th Centuries BCE

Larry G. Herr: Jordan in the Iron I and IIB Periods

Dan´el Kahn: A Geo-Political and Historical Perspective of Merneptah’s Policy in Canaan

Aaron Koller: The Kos in the Levant: Thoughts on its Distribution, Function, and Spread from the Late Bronze to the Iron Age II

André Lemaire: West Semitic Epigraphy and the History of the Levant during the 12th–10th Centuries BCE

Mario Liverani: Melid in the Early and Middle Iron Age: Archaeology and History

Aren M. Maeir: Insights on the Philistine Culture and Related Issues: An Overview of 15 Years of Work at Tell eṣ-Ṣafi/Gath

Alan Millard: Scripts and their uses in the 12th–10th Centuries BCE

John P. Nielsen: Nebuchadnezzar I’s Eastern Front

Troy Leiland Sagrillo: Šîšaq’s Army: 2 Chronicles 12:2–3 from an Egyptological Perspective

Itamar Singer: The Philistines in the North and the Kingdom of Taita

Ephraim Stern: Archaeological Remains of the Northern Sea People along the Sharon and Carmel Coasts and the Acco and Jezrael Valleys

Christoffer Theis and Peter van der Veen: Some “Provenanced” Egyptian Inscriptions from Jerusalem: A Preliminary Study of Old and New Evidence

Koert van Bekkum: Coexistence as Guilt: Iron I Memories in Judges 1

Assaf Yasur-Landau: Chariots, Spears and Wagons: Anatolian and Aegean Elements in the Medinet Habu Land Battle Relief

Ran Zadok: The Aramean Infiltration and Diffusion in the Upper Jazira, 1150–930 BCE

Wolfgang Zwickel: The Change from Egyptian to Philistine Hegemony in South-Western Palestine during the Time of Ramesses III or IV

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