2011. november 10., csütörtök

Fs. Meijer

Bleda S. Düring, Arne Wossink, and Peter M.M.G. Akkermans (eds.): Correlates of ComplexityEssays in Archaeology and Assyriology Dedicated to Diederik J.W. Meijer in Honour of his 65th Birthday. PIHANS 116. Leiden, 2011

A tartalomból:

The Metsamor Seal (Dominique Collon)

The Exchange of Sacrificial Gifts Among Old Assyrian Merchants (Jan Gerrit Dercksen)

Fortifications and Fabrications: Reassessing the Emergence of Fortifications in Prehistoric Asia Minor (Bleda S. Düring)

An Unusual Middle Bronze Age Seal from Syria (Jesper Eidem)

The Archaeological Park Emar-Balis (Uwe and Brigitte Finkbeiner)

Near Eastern Archaeology and the Public in the 17th to Early 20th Century in the Netherlands (Gerrit van der Kooij)

Urbanism in the Assyrian Homeland (Hartmut Kühne)

The Gods and Rapi’uma of Yamkhad: An Interpretation of a Rare Old Syrian Cylinder Seal (Paolo Matthiae)

Some Remarks on RS 34.141: A Letter from the Urtenu-Archive (Wilfred H. van Soldt)

Houses in the Ancient City of Assur (Klaas R. Veenhof)

Taking a Stab at Archaeological Thought on Ancient Near Eastern Economics (David Warburton)

Tribal Identities in Mesopotamia between 2500 and 1500 BC (Arne Wossink)

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