2011. augusztus 15., hétfő

SAAB 18 (2009-2010) [2011]

Jaume Llop, The Food of the Gods. MARV 3, 16, a Middle Assyrian Offerings List to the Great Gods of the City of Assur.

Ran Zadok, The Archive of Šulmu-šarri from Dur-Katlimmu.

Salvatore Gaspa, Organizing the Festive Cycles at the Aššur Temple: Royal Dispositions for the Provision and Processing of Foodstuffs in First Millennium BC Assyria.

Greta Van Buylaere, The Role of the ša muhhi ali in the Neo-Assyrian Empire.

Frederick Mario Fales, On Assyrian “Lower-stratum” Families.

Oded Tammuz, The Expansion of the Kingdom of Damascus under Rezin and Its Aftermath: A Case Study on the Mining of Concealed Information from “Propagandistic” Sources.

Stefan Zawadzki, AMAR, Ber, Buru and Apladad: One or Many?

Davide Nadali, Neo-Assyrian State Seals: An Allegory of Power.

Nicolas Gillmann, Le temple de Musasir, une nouvelle tentative de restitution.

Fabrice De Backer, Some Basic Tactics of Neo-Assyrian Warfare.

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