2011. augusztus 4., csütörtök

BiOr: call for contributions

Bibliotheca Orientalis, a leading review journal in Near Eastern Studies since 1943, is published by the Netherlands Institute for the Near East in Leiden.

The Editorial Board invites contributions for a new section entitled: "ACTUEEL". The purpose is to provide scholars in the various disciplines of (Ancient) Near Eastern Studies with an outlet for fast, summary publication of important new insights, new data, new discoveries etc. in an established and widely disseminated scholarly journal. Due to the regular quadrimonthly issue of Bibliotheca Orientalis contributions submitted and approved by the Editorial Board may be published within only 5 months. Submissions, which may include illustrations, should preferably consist of 2000 to 4000 words (in correct French, German or English).

The section "ACTUEEL" will start from fascicle 68 5/6, 2011 (submission deadline 15 September 2011).

Please refer to our website for guidelines: www.ninoleiden.nl > Publications > Bibliotheca Orientalis - Information for Authors

Bibliotheca Orientalis, Quadrimonthly journal containing reviews and bibliographical data on books published on the ancient and modern Near East, published by NINO, Leiden.

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