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Aula Orientalis 29/1 (2011)

Proceedings of the III Symposium on Comparative Semitics, Turin 10/3-4/2008

Christian Lehmann, Grammaticalization of Semitic case relators

Gregorio del Olmo Lete, Grammaticalization, Lexicalization, and Semantic Universals (The case of the primitive Semitic prepositions)

Gene Gragg, Grammaticization and Paradigm Formation in Afroasiatic: Verbal Negation in Cushitic

Felice Israel, 'Athar nella grammaticalizzazione e nel lessico delle lingue semitiche

Fabrizio A. Pennacchietti, La congiunzione ebraica ‘pen’

Aaron D. Rubin, The Value of Studying Grammaticalization in Semitic

Comparative Semitic:
Geoffrey Khan, Remarks on Constructions with the Copula in North-eastern Neo-Aramaic Dialects

Giovanni Mazzini, Some Qatabanic Lexical Items. Philological and Linguistic Observations

Joaquín Sanmartín, Die Bedeutung von ‘Bedeutung’ in der semitischen Derivation

Gábor Takács, Semitic ghayin in an Afro-Asiatic perspective

Wilfred G.E. Watson, Semitic and Non-Semitic Terms for Horse-Trappings in Ugaritic

Andrzej Zaborski, The Morphological Status of Verbal Prefix Vowels in Hamitosemitic

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