2011. július 4., hétfő

Új könyvek (Ókori Kelet)

H. Tadmor: “With my many chariots I have gone up the heights of mountains”. Historical and Literary Studies on Ancient Mesopotamia and Israel. A Collection of Studies by Hayim Tadmor (1923-2005). Edited by M. Cogan. Jerusalem, 2011

M. Frangipane (ed.): Economic Centralisation in Formative States in the Near EastArchaeological data and the reconstruction of the economic system at Arslantepe-Malatya at the end of the 4th millennium BC. Roma, 2011

S. Festuccia: La ricerca archeologica nel Vicino Oriente. Siria, Anatolia e Iran. Roma, 2011

R. Dolce (ed.): Quale Oriente? Omaggio a un Maestro. Studi di arte e archeologia del Vicino Oriente in memoria di Anton Moortgat a 30 anni dalla sua scomparsa. Palermo, 2010

M. E. Cohen: An English-to-Akkadian Companion to the Assyrian Dictionaries. Bethesda, 2011

H. Brunke: Essen in Sumer - Metrologie, Herstellung und Terminologie nach Zeugnis der Ur III-zeitlichen Wirtschaftsurkunden. München, 2011

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