2011. június 2., csütörtök

Tel Aviv 38/1 (2011)

O. Lipschits - O. Sergi - I. Koch: Judahite Stamped and Incised Jar Handles: A Tool for Studying the History of Late Monarchic Judah

R. Gophna - Y. Paz: Tell Qudadi and Tel Gerisah: Two Early Bronze II Sites on the Yarkon River [egyiptológusoknak!]

K. Ch. Nataf: An Egyptian Mortuary Cult in Late Bronze II Canaan

Chr. Rollston: The Khirbet Qeiyafa Ostracon: Methodological Musings and Caveats

N. Na'aman: Textual and Historical Notes on the Eliashib Archive from Arad

Sh. Ben Dor Evian: Egypt and the Levant in the Iron Age I–IIA: The Ceramic Evidence

R. Zadok: The Babylonia–Elam Connections in the Chaldaean and Achaemenid Periods—Part I

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