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Mesopotamia 45 (2010)

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Sara Canullo, Funerary Customs in Central and Southern Mesopotamia during Early Dynastic I and II: A Study on Ritual Behaviour

Rita Dolce, The Structure and Significance of the Topography of Cult Places in Early Syrian Ebla: An Examination of Urban and Ideological Routes in the Mega-City

Marco Marizza, Le cariche di GAL DUB.SARMEŠ e GAL DUB.SAR.GIŠ nel regno ittita

Michele Cammarosano, Tanuhepa: a Hittite Queen in Troubled Times

Abbas al-Hussayny, Some Cylinder Seals from the Iraqi excavations at Marad

Federico Manuelli, Foreign influences and local tradition in the Iron Age pottery production from Arslantepe. Evidence from the new excavations of the Neo-Hittite levels

Luca Bombardieri, Nimrud/Kalhu: l’industria litica su pietra levigata dalla prospezione di superficie e dall’area del Forte Salmanassar

Hermann Gasche, Les défenses avancées de Babylone à l’époque de Nabuchodonosor II

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