2011. május 10., kedd

Konferencia az egyiptomi Óbirodalom történeti rekonstrukciójáról


On the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the JOURNAL OF EGYPTIAN HISTORY, the University of British Columbia, Harvard University, and Brill Academic Publishers, Boston  are planning to hold a conference at Harvard University, on April 26, 2012 (prior to the ARCE 63rd Annual Meeting at Providence, April 27–29, 2012)

"Towards a New History for the Egyptian Old Kingdom: Perspectives on the Pyramid Age"

The organisers of the conference (Peter Der Manuelian and Thomas Schneider) welcome proposals for papers that address modern historiographical approaches and challenges in reconstructing and interpreting the Egyptian Old Kingdom.

At present, this call for papers is primarily directed to potential speakers who intend to attend the ARCE 63rd Annual Meeting at Providence, April 27–29, 2012 and would not need additional funding for travel to Boston. Only a limited number of papers can be considered. Please send your proposals with a brief abstract of no more than 300 words by July 1, 2011 to: <thomas.schneider@ubc.ca>.

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