2010. június 12., szombat

Konferencia-felhívás: Cognitive linguistics in Near Eastern philologies

Network invitation and call for papers

Traditionally, the fields of linguistics, cognitive science and regional philologies have led quite separate existences. The two former areas have started a very fruitful collaboration during the recent decades in the field of cognitive linguistics, but with occasional exceptions, philology has mainly been left out of the collaboration. Rather than dwelling on the possible reasons for this, we propose to establish a network of scholars interested in the conjunction of cognitive linguistics and philology, particular the philologies of the modern and ancient Near East.

The purpose of this move is to establish a relationship of benefit for both fields: On the one hand traditional philological disciplines such as lexicography and etymology stand to gain from advances in the understanding of categorical structure within cognitive linguistics, just as the study of individual texts and discourses can be furthered by theoretical models of such phenomena as metaphors and conceptual blending. On the other hand, many Near Eastern languages, especially the ancient ones, are difficult to access for linguists for comparative or typological purposes, as introductions to these languages are often strongly steeped in individual philological traditions. For the linguist, this leaves a rich material for language study relatively unexplored.

The aim of this call is twofold. The long-term objective is to assemble a network of scholars working with or interested in the cross field between cognitive linguistics and Near Eastern philologies. On a shorter term, we would like to initiate this cooperative effort by inviting interested scholars to join forces for a project combining various approaches to the main theme outlined here. We envisage the project as taking the form of a symposium or workshop resulting in a published anthology, but the exact nature will naturally depend on the amount and nature of feedback on this call.

For the moment, we cordially invite feedback of two kinds:

1) Statements of interest in becoming part of the network, and/or
2) Abstracts of current projects, results of which could be presented at a workshop and/or anthology in the near future

Sample topics for abstracts dealing with in one or more Near Eastern languages would include

Rhetoric device in particular texts/discourses
Issues of translation to modern Western languages
Classification and category structure
Language-specific issues, e.g. writing systems or grammar

Abstracts should be in English and of no more than 300 words. The initial deadline for abstracts is July 15 2010. Please send abstracts, statements of interest and questions or comments to Joshua Sabih joshua kukac hum.ku.dk or Rune Nyord rnyord kukac hum.ku.dk

Rune Nyord
Postdoctoral fellow
University of Copenhagen

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