2010. február 25., csütörtök

JANER 9/2 (2009)

A tartalomból:
The Sanctuary of the Gibeonites Revisited (N. Na'aman)
An Old Babylonian Incantation Collective with Incantations Involving a Counter-Measure Against Oath-Breaking and the Alteration of a Dream of the King (J. Peterson)
On the Mythology of Okeanos (C. Anghelina)
The First Tour of Hell: From Neo-Assyrian Propaganda to Early Jewish Revelation (S. L. Sanders)
Trading on Knowledge: The Iddin-Papsukkal Kin Group in Southern Babylonia in the 7th and 6th Centuries B.C. (J. P. Nielsen)
At the Edge of the World: Cosmological Conceptions of the Eastern Horizon in Mesopotamia (Chr. Woods)
Review of "The Hittites and Their World" (H. Marcuson)

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