2009. július 4., szombat

Új folyóirat-kötetek, Egyiptom és ókori Kelet

Válogatás a frissen megjelent új kötetek tartalmából:

Journal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections
1/3 (2009)

J. E. Campbell: A Cuneiform Legal Presence in 'The Report of Wenamun' ?
J. Carrano et al.: Applying a Multi-Analytical Approach to the Investigation of Ancient Egyptian Influence in Nubian Communities: The Socio-Cultural Implications of Chemical Variation in Ceramic Styles
J. Kamrin: The Aamu of Shu in the Tomb of Khnumhotep II at Beni Hasan
D. Phelps: A Devastated Foreign Landscape Depicted in Luxor Temple.

Paléorient 34/2 (2008)

E. Cortesi et al.: Cultural Relationships beyond the Iranian Plateau: The Helmand Civilization, Baluchistan and the Indus Valley in the 3rd Millennium BCE.
K. Deckers - S. Riehl, Resource Exploitation of the Upper Khabur Basin (NE Syria) during the 3rd Millennium BC.

Aramazd - AJNES 3/1 (2008)

A. R. George: Shattered Tablets and Tangled Threads: Editing Gilgamesh, Then and Now
M. Khachikyan: To the Genesis of the Category of Aspect in Hurrian and Urartian
N. Harutyunyan: New Readings and Interpretations in Urartian Cuneiform Inscriptions
N. Tiratsyan: Luwian Gods in Urartu?
H. Avetisyan - W. Allinger-Csollich: A Bronze Sculpture from Aramus
Kh. Lori: The 2005-2006 Excavations of the Iron III Settlement at Tsaghkahovit
A. Kosyan: Review of J. L. Miller: Studies in the Origins, Development and Interpretation of the Kizzuwatna Rituals.

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