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Új folyóirat-kötetek: KASKAL és Studia Orontica

KASKAL 5 (2008):

Claudia E. Suter, Who are the Women in Mesopotamian Art from ca. 2334-1763 BCE?
Martin Bommas, Die verstorbenen Könige im kulturellen Gedächtnis des Alten Ägypten
Maria Emanuela Alberti, Murex shells as Raw Material: the Purple-dye industry and its By-products. Interpreting the Archaeological Record

Papers Presented at the Verona Workshop (2007) on “Administration and Ideology in the Ancient Near East”:
Walther Sallaberger, Rechtsbrüche in Handel. Diplomatie und Kult - ein memorandum aus Ebla über Verfehlungen Maris (ARET 13,15)
Hagan Brunke, The nakabtum. An Administrative Superstructure for the Storage and Distribution of Agricultural Products
Paola Paoletti, Elusive Silver? Evidence for the Circulation of Silver in the Ur III State

Papers Presented at the VIU 2006-2007 Seminar on “Literature and Culture in the Ancient Mediterranean: Greece, Rome and the Near East”:
Jeffrey L. Cooley, Inana and Sukaletuda: a Sumerian Astral Myth
Alexandra Kleinerman, Money, Memory and Miscellany: understanding the presence of historical elites in early second millennium pedagogical composition
Giulia F. Grassi, Belshazzar’s Feast and Feats: the Last Prince of Babylon in Ancient Eastern and Western Sources
Martin Lang, Floating from Babylon to Rome. Ancient Near Eastern Flood Stories in the Mediterranean World
Erik van Dongen, The Study of Near Eastern influences on Greece: towards the Point

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