2014. szeptember 30., kedd

Kleine ägyptische Texte

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Ten years after the publication of Vol. 14 the renowned series „Kleine ägyptische Texte (KÄT)“ (Short Egyptian Texts) is being revived. As of now the new editors Hans-Werner Fischer-Elfert and Franziska Naether accept manuscripts for the publishing house Harrassowitz – literary and documentary texts or text corpora in hieroglyphic, hieratic and Demotic script that shall be published as an edition and/or in a didactically prepared form as a monograph for academic teaching. The number of pages is non-limited in general, but it should be appropriate for the purpose and the format of the series (“short texts”). Publication languages are German, English and French. Demotists are particularly encouraged to approach the
editors with publication ideas, for the „KÄT” shall foremost be extended in this field.

Please contact the editors
Prof. Dr. Hans-W. Fischer-Elfert: fischere (at)uni-leipzig.de
Dr. Franziska Naether: naether(at)uni-leipzig.de
or the director of Harrassowitz Verlag:
Dr. Barbara Krauß: bkrauss(at)harrassowitz.de

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