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Body, Cosmos and Eternity

R. Sousa (ed): Body, Cosmos and Eternity: New Trends of Research on Iconography and Symbolism of Ancient Egyptian Coffins

A tartalomból

R. van Walsem: From skin wrappings to architecture: The evolution of prehistoric, anthropoid wrappings to historic architectonic  coffins/sarcophagi; separate contrasts optimally fused in single Theban ‘stola’ coffins (±975-920 BC)

R. Nyord: Permeable containers: Body and cosmos in Middle Kingdom coffins

K. M. Cooney: Ancient Egyptian funerary arts as social documents: social place, reuse, and working towards a new typology of 21st Dynasty coffins

É. Liptay: Representations of passage in ancient Egyptian iconography

C. de Araújó Duarte: Crossing the landscapes of eternity: parallels between Amduat and funeral procession scenes on the 21st Dynasty  coffins

R. Sousa,  ‘Spread your wings over me’: iconography, symbolism and meaning of the central panel on yellow coffins

C.  M. Sheikholeslami: Resurrection in a box: the 25th Dynasty burial ensemble of Padiamunet

J. Elias és C. Lupton: Gods at all hours: Saite Period coffins of the ‘eleven-eleven’ type

Part II : Studies on Museums’ Collections and Archaeological Finds

A. Küffer, Continuity in times of transition: the inner coffin of the mistress of the house Gem-tu-es in Vevey (Switzerland)

L. M. de Araújo, Egyptian coffins in Portugal

A. Dautant, Cercueils jaunes des XXIe et XXIIe Dynasties dans les collections Françaises

A. Bettum, Lot 14 from Bab el-Gasus (Sweden and Norway): the modern history of the collection and a reconstruction of the ensembles

E. Paganini, The coffins of the priests of Amun: a socio-economic investigation on Bab el-Gasus cachette

R. Sousa, Coffins without mummies: the Tomb KV 63 in the Valley of the Kings

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