2014. szeptember 10., szerda

Digital Epigraphy

Megjelent Vértes Krisztián Digital Epigraphy c. könyve, amit innen le is lehet tölteni.

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This long-awaited manual represents an extraordinary new chapter in the history of the Epigraphic Survey, Oriental Institute, University of Chicago. In the manual, a century of tradition joins with modern technological innovation for an exciting glimpse into the future of our epigraphic recording. This manual, available in PDF format (227MB) and also in an innovative eBook format, is another tool in an arsenal of groundbreaking new tools now at our disposal.

During the past several decades the Epigraphic Survey has refined its conventions and recording methodologies to fit with the widely divergent nature of the inscribed surfaces we record and the changing conditions in Egypt that are resulting in the accelerating decay of those inscribed surfaces. For the past two years we have been experimenting with new digital tools, software, and equipment that have allowed us to streamline our recording process while still achieving the highest degree of accuracy, the bottom line of any scientific documentation. It has always been our aim to share these conventions and methodologies with our friends and colleagues, and it is our great pleasure to present the initial results here now. The digital formats in which this manual is made available are particularly appropriate and will be updated and changed regularly, since the manual will always be a work in progress. The possibilities are limitless.


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